Friday, January 30, 2009

Just a thought

Think about the people you have in your life. Of course your close friends and family members come into mind... but think outside the box, about your other friends you work with, serve in your church callings with, or interacted with today at the grocery store.

Do you believe that every single person we come into contact with in our daily lives was put there for a specific reason? In other words, are all of these people divinely placed into your life at certain times and circumstances? This question gets even more mind-boggling when you bring in the concept of free agency, because we know that each of us has our own free agency to think and act how we choose. That girl in the grocery store who needed a hand out to her car could have chosen to linger a little longer in the bread aisle so that your paths never crossed, and thus, she would never have been in your life. What then?

I, for one, truly believe that people are placed in your life for a reason. Perhaps not every single person you talk to throughout the day is there for some "greater reason," but I do believe that more people than you may first suspect are meant to be there for reasons we may yet to discover, or better yet, never really know.

This string of discombobulated and somewhat confusing thoughts has caused me to analyze some of the people I interact with. Why did I sit next to that guy from Minneapolis on the chair lift while skiing today? Why was I randomly placed with these particular roommates? Why did that quiet guy who didn't talk much get assigned to the cubicle next to mine during my internship? What was/am I supposed to learn from these people?

Anyway, just food for thought on a late night rambling spree.
Insights or other random thoughts are greatly welcomed.

PS. This picture by Monet is here because he is an artist that seems to convey far more than first meets the eye, a good picture to look at when thinking deep thoughts.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

"Change is Good"

So we have a new president, right? This new president of ours won over the hearts of America with the infectious slogan of "CHANGE." I totally agree with Mr. Obama that change IS good. It's a necessary thing in one's life every once and a while. So, that's why when I told my mom I was thinking of getting bangs she said "awesome! Go for it! You can be an Obama-ite and get Barack Bangs." So, take them for what you will, I got bangs today. So I now present my new "do" to the blogging world, or the few who may actually read this:

Here, my friends, are my new Barack bangs.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A hodgepodge really...

Tonight's one of those nights where I want to write something... something that is worth reading. But for some dang reason nothing really worthwhile is coming.

Except for the fact that I think I found one of my new favorite movies. I saw "Ghost Town" last weekend for the first time, and tonight I wanted to convince my friends how amazing the movie was... so yes, I went for the second time in one week. It's THAT GOOD. I cried--twice. It's one of those funny movies that also has a message to it... maybe comparable to "Dan in Real Life" or "Stranger Than Fiction." Also, the soundtrack is incredible. Anyway, the point is go see it. It's worth the three bucks at Blockbuster, or even better, the $1.25 at Movies 8 for you Provo-ites.

Also, I found my new favorite song. For anyone who knows me, even a little bit, this is a BIG deal. Music is my breath to each day... its seriously how I get through most things in life, no matter what it is. I was in my friend Spencer's car last weekend and it came on. "Shadowlands" by Ryan Adams stopped me in mid conversation. I went home and bought the album on iTunes. It's an oddly comforting, beautiful, mellow, and incredible song that I have had on repeat ever since. I would include a video for easy listening, but the only YouTube version cuts out the best part--the last two minutes. So please, take my words as being truthful and valid, that this song rocks and spend $1.08 to download it off iTunes. You won't regret it.

Meanwhile, life is really good. I feel really blessed and lucky to be where I am, interacting with the people I interact with, and learning the things I am learning. It's kind of an awkward interim period of my life as I am in the middle of two really big things, but I know I am here doing what I'm doing for a reason. It will be exciting to see exactly why someday. Isn't hindsight the best?

Friday, January 9, 2009

PS. One of my least favorite things in the whole entire world is a cold shower. brrr.......

The weather outside was frightful, but the fire was oh so delightful

Christmas rocked. Honestly, it was a great break. I got to be a lazy bum for 2 weeks, catch up with some old friends, and spend some quality time with the familia. After being in Spokane for a week and a half (where we got like 5 1/2 feet of snow!!!!), we drove down to McCall, Idaho to meet up with Brittney and Stuart at a cabin. It was a blast, let me tell ya.

Snowmobile races across a frozen lake = Not your average family vacation

We can't even sled like normal people

A ski resort = My happy place