Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's coming....

It's officially almost here...


Saturday, March 28.

4:00 pm.

Spanish Fork.

Last year was probably one of the funnest nights I have ever had at BYU. I'm sure this year will be just as amazing. You can be assured that some awesome posts will follow.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Done and done.

I did it! I ran my first half marathon ever! I'll be honest -- it was a really hard race, and my crappy knees started failing me... but I finished. I'm actually pretty proud of my time considering the heat, the course, my knees, first race ever, etc. I'm really glad I got to be a part of such an exciting event, and that I got to do it with Brittney.

We had fun driving down together and camping at the best spot ever (I'm actually being sarcastic -- I learned how much I utterly LOATHE camping grounds). But it was fun, so much so that she has somehow convinced me to do a second one. I just barely signed up for the Salt Lake 1/2 Marathon that is on April 18th. I guess racing IS contagious...

Friday, March 20, 2009

I turned 7 again

So I reverted back to the child within Wednesday night. Russ and I went to the "Nickelcade" (for those non-Provoites, the Nickelcade is a popular date location consisting of retro arcade games from circa 1993). It was a blast, especially after we found the unassuming game that allowed us to win tickets galore!

All I got to say is I probably shouldn't gamble. I get WAY into these kind of things and I keep saying "just one more!" Luckily, unlike most gamblers, we got something out of it. I think I'll cherish my high-class vampire teeth forever. Thank you, Nickelcade, for making my day.

PS. On another note, Brittney and I are heading down to Moab tonight for the big race which is tomorrow. If I don't post another entry soon, you can assume I died mid-race. I'm sure it'll be fine... they probably have some sort of medical care center. Right?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Summer Preview

SUMMER IS COMING. Well, if it's not summer at least it's spring.

The weather has been incredible lately. Yesterday my BFF and I went to the park and just reveled in the warmth.

I love the sun.
I love Danielle.
I love my Chacos.
I love afternoons in the park.
I love life.

Friday, March 13, 2009

My new summer job

My plans to start working with PwC have recently been changed, and I most likely will be starting in September rather than July. Soooo... my kind, supporting mother then said "ok, now go get a job." So I've been looking around and applying to all sorts of random odd jobs a BYU grad shouldn't be applying to. But hey, whatever pays the bills right?

Forget being a receptionist or office clerk. I'm seriously considering this position. What do you think? (click on the picture to read it)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why yes, I'd love another hoer d'oeuvre

Tonight I went to a Diplomat dinner/cocktail party thing. It was for "today's diplomats to meet tomorrow's leaders." There were real live diplomats from Hungary, New Zealand, and more. But since there were like 15 students to each diplomat -- and since we already have jobs -- Russ and I enjoyed the nice finger foods, punch, and desserts. Bring on the networking events.

And if you're thinking "hmm that backdrop looks fake," it is. That is why we are laughing.

Red Room Sessions

Introducing Fictionist's RED ROOM SESSIONS: Volume 1

This rocks, seriously.
Besides the whole thing, my favorite part is at 4:20 till 4:30... mostly with Robbie's awesome moves and the awesome jam. yeeeeah.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Music = Love

Music is love. Love is music.

My suspicions that a well-thought-out, expertly-organized, inspired mix is one of the greatest gifts a friend can give to me have recently come true. There's something about inserting that disc into the CD player and sitting back, awaiting the musical journey where you are able to discover new sounds, new bands, new lyrics, new memories.

Within the last 2 weeks I have received 3 new mixes from some amazing friends of mine. New music to a music lover is like... a new Prada purse for a Shopaholic, or something. One friend in particular, my lovely friend Cathy who lives in Seattle, is affectionately referred to as my "music friend" to all who don't know her. Even though we connect on many levels besides music, that one element sets the relationship over the top. Since we have been apart during college we have kept in touch mainly by sending each other mixes of music we have discovered or have been into. These mixes are literal, tangible pieces of our hearts.

Call me corny, but who cares. Here are some of the new bands I have recently been exposed to:
* Bon Iver
* Son Volt
* Kings of Leon
* Beck (his new CD.... "Sea Change"... very unlike his old stuff)
* Josh Ritter
* John Butler Trio
* Ingrid Michaelson
* The Weepies
* Ben Solee

So thank you, my dear friends, for this gift of music. It means so very much.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Twist and Shout

Shout out to Matt! Thanks again for coming out to the great state of Utah and experiencing the magic of Snowbird 2 days in a row. There's nothing like a sunny day on the slopes.