Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Bells will soon be a ringin...

And by bells I mean WEDDING BELLS! I have been trying to avoid the all-too-annoying, yet inevitable, wedding countdown. I gave in this morning to produce the number of 53. That's it! FIFTY-THREE DAYS till the big day!! (and for those of you who don't want to do the math, the big day is July 25th).

I have now learned how MUCH there is to do. I feel like planning a wedding is a full-time job! It makes me just as tired as one, that's for sure. Here is what has been checked off the list:
  • The dress! I scored that one within the first week of being engaged, thanks to Abella Bridal in the Riverwoods.
  • Bridesmaids dresses -- another major score. I love sales, I love Banana Republic, I love those dresses.
  • The colors -- which came easily after finding those dresses. Burnt orange/coral, light yellow, sage green, and guys in brown suits. A wonderful pallet I'd say.
  • Reception center, a la Alpine Art Center
  • Flowers! I am excited for what Laura Giddens, my sister's wonderful, creative, and talented friend will create.
  • Invitations, which are soon to be completed by the talented Andrew Garlock at 2nd Street Print Designs
  • Addresses -- a slow processs. I think I have most of them (and, faithful readers, if I haven't asked you for your address and you'd like an announcement, add a comment with your address or send it to me at CamilleMcLaws@gmail.com... I'd love to send one to you!)
  • REGISTERING! What a task. We have officially finished at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and Macy's. Whew.
  • Engagements pictures. A big THANK YOU to Jon Tehero is in order. I will post more of those later.
  • Table centerpieces -- another great score at Tai Pan Trading Company, a store where I could spend way too much time and money.
So that seems like a great list, right? It makes me feel like I have been so productive. And then I look at the next list, of things that I still have yet to do...
  • Actually pick out, address, and send the invitations
  • Wedding shoes?
  • Hair piece -- veil? flower? neither?
  • Music for reception
  • Party favors
  • Plan food for both the Alpine and Spokane receptions
  • Meet with cake ladies for both receptions
  • Decorations?
  • Wedding video (you know, the traditional corny photo montage... sigh...)
  • A custom wedding sign-in book made by yours truly
  • Bridals - July 3rd with Photography by McKenzie
  • Find an apartment in San Antonio
  • Get a new job in San Antonio
Whew. So I think that is it, but probably not. There is probably more. We really are having fun with this.... I swear!

Well, this picture explains it all.


becca said...

ooh. i hope i get one!

2138 wilson ave.
slc, ut 84108 (rachelle lives there too)

Amanda said...

Looks like plans are coming along smoothly! Have fun with it!

12783 S Timber Run Dr
Riverton, Ut 84096

Jaimee said...

You look and sound so happy, Camille! This makes me so unbelievably happy. :)

Candace said...

Cute post, Camille! I am so freaking happy for you--I'm all smiles looking at your pics together. I'll text you my address. Love you!

kendra said...

you guys are precious. seriously.

rach said...

you're so on top of things! i bet it will be a really fun wedding.

Marcella said...

Fun post! I'm happy to see that CRAZY picture I love! :) We are pumped for the wedding! I think you are doing a GREAT job I just love everything you've picked...especially the guy. I guess that's kind of important.

Sean said...

CAMILLE!!! I'm so happy for you! you are in for such a good adventure, take it from someone who knows (not me). I hope to see you soon! congrats!!!!