Saturday, June 20, 2009

Busy busy busy

What is going on in life?? Why must a million very large events be crammed into such a small time? Everything is so happy and positive... it's just been a lot. Such events include the following:
  • A trip home to Spokane! We went boating, I had a bridal shower, my Dad had a birthday, Jace had his mission farewell talk, and Russ got to see the beauty of the Northwest!
  • I went through the temple! What an incredible experience. Tuesday was such a bittersweet day. The blessings and happiness that came from being inside the Draper temple was overwhelming, especially with my whole family there. The only thing was that it was the last time we would all be together like that for a long time as Jace was reporting to the MTC the next day. I am just so grateful we all got to be together. Families are forever. Also, thank you so much to everyone that came to be with me on this special day--it really meant a lot.

  • Jace became Elder McLaws! We said goodbye to good ol' Jacey poo as he has now reported to the Missionary Training Center to prepare to serve the people of Kobe, Japan. I will miss Jace terribly; he really is my best friend. But I am so excited for him and this amazing opportunity as I am confident he will make an incredible missionary. The people of Japan don't even know what's comin their way. Those lucky ducks.


Annie said...

Congrats on receiving your endowments. It is such a beautiful, powerful, wonderful, amazing experience for the first time. And it only gets better with time too! I'm so happy for you Camille.

Brian and chelsea said...

Hey Camille - I just caught myself up on your blog - congrats on the engagement! He's a hottie, nice job (is that weird to say? too bad) Love the engagement pictures. I'm glad people requested them and you catered. I think people like to see them because they're just so dang happy. Engaged people are always happy. Just wait til 35 days from now (why be averse to counting? it's fun!) then you'll get the real dose of happiness! (I mean being sealed - it's so great) Are you doing a reception in Spokane? Hope so. I'll be there all the last half of July. OH - and I loved the Zion's post. You did a great job describing the beauty of that place!

rach said...

Dave and I went to the Draper temple a couple of weeks in a row and I thought of you and how you will be sealed there. Absolutely beautiful. Good choice! Precious!

Congrats to Jace. Sad to see him leave, but it's a good thing, too.

Um, can't wait for your shower so I can see you! Gosh, I have to wait a whole four more days than I had planned...

Angela McLaws said...

Love this post. I can't even read it without crying. . . I can't start that again, I might not stop until August! It truly has been a wonderful couple of weeks. . . so happy/sad!!! Love you!