Tuesday, July 21, 2009


A couple weeks ago, in need of some entertainment, I jokingly suggested seeing Disney's "Earth" as it is now at the dollar
theater. Russ and I both kind of chuckled at the thought of watching a movie about as broad of a subject as "earth," but figured we had nothing better to do. To our dismay it was sold out.

So we tried again the next week. SOLD OUT.

Then we suggested going with our friends Lindsay and France. They got super pumped about the idea.

We tried again last night and you guessed it... SOLD OUT!

So apprently this movie is pretty cool?

So we saw THIS instead:
What did I think? drumroll please.....

I loved it! Totally took me by surprise. It was pretty dang funny and had random cameos by some pretty big names. Anyway, some day we will see "Earth," but for the time being some large monsters and crazy aliens got us by.

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Russ Lewis said...

we will see earth. and guess what is happening right now to planet earth, a total eclipse. (of the heart)