Friday, July 17, 2009

Un Mes

Shout out to Elder Jace Garrett McLaws for his ONE MONTH anniversary in the glorious MTC. Just think... he only has two more to go till he actually gets sent out into the field.

I have loved sending him "same-day" packages with baked goods inside. I have loved running by the MTC daily to "accidentally" see him (and no, I have not seen him yet, but I have mastered the beast of a hill we like to call 9th East). Most of all, I have loved getting his letters and seeing how much he has grown.

My favorite parts are the random Japanese phrases... they are always so sporadic and they make me chuckle. Here, let me practice what I have learned from him:
Jace is now a Ka-mi-ree (Japanese fellow), also known as a Choro (Elder), who is very Wakawaka shimaso (excited) to serve the people of Japan!


Techno Kath said...

I loved it when my bro was in the MTC. I too sent him the same-day packages, loved doing the MTC drive-by's shamelessly, and was always impressed by his growth each week. It goes by fast, friend. Mine comes home in 9 days!!

Angela McLaws said...

One month down, only 23 to go, which means he has served just over 4% of his mission or 4 weeks out of the 102--only 96% or 100 weeks left to serve, but who's counting??!! Seriously, though, I too have LOVED his letters--I think we all look forward to Tuesdays.