Saturday, July 26, 2008

An Evening in Muir

One of my biggest apprehensions about San Francisco was the lack of available outdoor adventures. Compared to Washington and Utah, I thought all San Francisco had to offer was a big city. Thankfully, I have been proven very wrong.

I have gotten to explore a handful of fun things to do around here, from rock climbing to hiking in the redwoods; I even have a camping trip and white water rafting trip planned for the next few weekends.

Tonight I went up to Muir National Park, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, and went on a short hike with some friends after work. (The picture to the right is on the way to the trail head... look familiar?) We had a lot of fun. I think the highlight of the evening, however, is when we cracked the tree while trying to capture the moment. Apparently I need to go on some long runs?

Before the crack
After the CrackP.S. So it appears I need a new camera? Click on the pics to see them better. Also, feel free to offer advice for a good camera for cheap :)

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Annie said... might be time for another camera. :)